"Manchester Digital has been instrumental in helping Slalom build our presence in the region. They’ve provided a key communications channel for us; helping generate awareness of Slalom’s unique value proposition, and actively supporting targeted initiatives such as the promotion of events.

We see Manchester Digital as being a key element of our long term engagement strategy, and would recommend them for all businesses operating in and around Manchester looking to build an active connection with Manchester’s tech community." Slalom

"Our partnership with Manchester Digital has helped increase awareness of our brand proposition and extend our customer base. It has allowed us to play a more active role in the city’s digital community and support efforts to promote Manchester and the North of the UK as a centre of excellence for technology and digital." Microsoft

"An excellent trade organisation, and they've really stepped up over the past few years. The membership fee is too cheap considering the huge amount of value that the Manchester Digital team delivers." Bliss

"Whether it’s introductions to new businesses, attending and speaking at industry events, or simply building your brand awareness within the northern digital and tech scenes – Manchester Digital has a lot of opportunities for companies of all shapes and sizes. Our membership has given us a new avenue to talk about the work we do, and enabled us to reach a different audience. " Apadmi

"Our first involvement was the 2019 Member Conference, which was a really useful day, in terms of brand visibility and networking. We delivered a talk on AI and got great feedback. And doing the talk has also led us to some potential clients. 

We also get a great deal of value out of the Manchester Digital Community slack channel, where we've met potential collaboration partners. 

The benefits for startup businesses, especially the AWS credits are fantastic and we're looking forward to working with Manchester Digital even more over the coming months." Fuzzy Labs

"Joining Manchester Digital was one of the best decisions we made as a new business in the digital and tech sector. We decided to get stuck in as soon as we were members, and since then we've got to know the Manchester Digital team really well, attended various events and conferences, spoke at events, took part in the Skills Audit, sat on round tables discussing Manchester's digital future, and more. I can't count the benefits we've got as a business from this: we've met partners and suppliers who we now have valued relationships with, we have been introduced to companies who have gone on to become some of our biggest clients, and, crucially, we have gained confidence in our business and grown from strength to strength.

I'd highly recommend Manchester Digital to any business in the tech and digital space, young or old, big or small. For us, personally, it's delivered value time and time again, and we wouldn't be the business we are today without it." Huddle Digital