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Digital Futures is a GMCA-backed programme that uses industry support to encourage Greater Manchester’s young people to pursue careers within the digital sector.

We need 250 business to commit to bridging the digital skills gap by becoming a Digital Futures Ambassador.

To hit our target of 250 businesses, we currently need another 180 to sign up to donate as little as 20 minutes to help us to support a local school or college.


Why do we need businesses to sign up?

Well, consider this.

By 2035, Greater Manchester’s digital and creative sector will require an additional 22,000 roles in order to sustain itself.

This figure is staggering.

Even more staggering when you consider that right here, in 2019, we are already experiencing a skills shortage so severe that one-third of our region’s digital businesses have reported turning away work due to a lack of talent.

That’s why we need 250 forward-thinking and committed businesses to become a part of the solution by pledging to become Digital Futures Ambassadors.




What will happen when you sign up?

Digital Futures Ambassadors can support our work in a number of ways including:

  • Designing and delivering work that will help bring the curriculum to life
  • Sharing knowledge through presenting talks, masterclasses and inspiring workshops
  • Helping to educate teachers and careers advisors on the breadth of roles available
  • Contributing resources that will increase awareness and understanding of the industry
  • Providing industry work experience placements and internships for students


Let's stop talking about the skills gap and start fixing it.  


Sign up today and be a part of the solution!


Digital Futures is backed by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and powered by Manchester Digital.


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