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The Manchester Digital team love using their unparallelled industry knowledge to the benefit of our members and everyone in Greater Manchester.

Here are some of the ways in which we can help you.


Manchester Digital guides


Whether you’re looking for coworking space in Manchester, navigating the world of funding and finance or considering relocating to Manchester, we can help. Read our handy guides or get in touch if you have a specific challenge.


A strong pipeline of highly skilled digital talent is a critical component of Greater Manchester’s ambition to become a leading digital city. We play our part in this through the provision of our Digital Futures programme. This range of innovative, industry-led support and initiatives for schools and colleges ensures students benefit from a curriculum that is effective, highly relevant and full of specialist sector-specific career insights. We are also involved in delivering the government’s Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) strategy in schools.

In addition to developing the talent pipeline in schools, we also ensure students are work ready and the current workforce remains upskilled via our CPD programme.

Our Employers Forum meets three times a year to inform our talent and skills strategy. This helps to shape our agenda so we focus on the policy matters that are key to the industry.

Manchester Digital also provides an industy design and delivered software developer apprenticeship programme

Our annual Digital Skills Festival is a key component of our work to support the region's talent pipeline. Save the date now!





Manchester Digital is at the heart of the digital and tech industry in Greater Manchester. We conduct regular, extensive and in-depth research into its challenges and opportunities and publish the reports for our members. Read them here.





As the independent trade association for digital businesses in Greater Manchester, we have a pivotal role in ensuring their voices are heard. We lobby the public sector to help them understand where there are gaps in the education system, and how these may be fixed. We lobby for devolution, which we believe could create opportunities for improved infrastructure and competition with the likes of Amsterdam and Berlin. Manchester Digital is also at the forefront of telling the stories about our industry, and about its unique strengths and capabilities. Read more about our five areas of focus, and join as a member to help shape the agenda.



Digital Transformation


Want to harness the potential of digital technology in your organisation? We can help with innovation days that can improve your business processes and transform innovative thinking, as well as introduce you to changemakers who could support and transform your business. Speak to Helen about what we can do for you.


Events, conferences and hackathons


We run conferences, hackathons and other events for the industry and on behalf of members. Our experienced team can take care of everything from logistics and planning support to content and marketing. Get in touch with Helen to discuss your ideas or to find out how our corporate hack days can build your team’s critical thinking skills or find solutions to particular problems.

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