• Digital Futures: Schools & Colleges

Digital Futures: Schools & Colleges

Getting digital learning right and encouraging young people to take up careers in digital and tech is extremely important to our sector. As the largest not-for-profit trade organisation in the North West, we want to help you make this happen.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team know how to navigate the complex, often rigid, education system and support schools and colleges. We want to see digital skills learning delivered in a way that is stress-free and simple for educators and exciting, engaging and relevant for students. We are committed to supporting educators to deliver effective and relevant digital skills curriculum and careers advice by harnessing the power of membership network.

Through Digital Futures, our talent and skills programme, we offer a number of ways in which the industry supports secondary and further education in a sustainable way. 

Curriculum support & enhancement

Review of curriculum content and delivery for specific topic support to enhance this with industry professions, lesson planning support.

Curriculum & learning enrichment

A variety of initiatives to increase the exposure and learning of students, including extracurricular projects, hack days or masterclasses.

Careers support

Careers insight and awareness sessions and presentations for students, as well as industry experts supporting CV Clinics at Talent Day.

Careers sampling

Experience days, work placements and internships.

Girls in digital and tech 

We want to help young people from all backgrounds and experiences to consider a career in digital and technology. In particular, our targeted projects, opportunities and campaigns are supporting young girls in tech. Can we help your students? 
Industry talks and presentations

Talks about specific topics in tech, aimed at students, teachers or parents. We also offer tech student ambassador network engagement and support.

CDP Support

Upskilling and insights for teachers, as well as experience days and placements for teachers and careers advisers.

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Please note that while we try to support as many schools and colleges across Greater Manchester as possible, we are not-for-profit organisation with limited resources. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we can meet all requests. You can support our work by joining as a member

We can also work with schools, colleges and other organisations to create bespoke support packages at a cost. Speak to Emma to discuss this option.