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Scaling a growth mindset: A decade of AND Digital

This event has now ended.

What a growth mindset could do for your organisation...

AND Digital is 10 years old. We were founded to help organisations close their digital skills gap. To help them innovate new digital solutions and new ways of working. And to help them create high performing digital cultures that make truly transformative changes. 

To celebrate our 10-year milestone, we will share lessons learned and key success factors, including the importance of a 'growth mindset'.

In this webinar, AND Digital’s founder, Paramjit Uppal will explore AND’s evolution, assess how its growth mindset has been pivotal to success, and consider how this remains essential to AND’s — and every organisation’s — future.

We'll be joined by SKY's Director of Digital Richard Thompson. He'll be sharing the importance and day-to-day practice of a growth mindset at SKY, with advice for the wider business landscape.

We’ll also meet ANDis who have experienced the greatest personal growth over the past decade. We’ll look at the skills they have developed and explore the impact of that growth on them, AND Digital, and the client organisations they’ve worked with.

25 April 2024 12:00 - 13:00

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