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Product Fundamentals: An Introduction to Modern Product Engineering

This event has now ended.
17 February 2021 14:00 - 14:45

ProductLove is an exciting new series of events for digital product people, and anyone curious about product principles.  

With talks and workshops from experts at Code Computerlove and the wider product community, ProductLove is a welcoming space to learn, connect and advance your craft. 

Whether you’re a passionate product practitioner, or you’re just looking to evolve how you work,  ProductLove is (almost) all you need.

Why Product Fundamentals

Society is changing fast. Technology is changing faster. And that makes customer behaviour hard to predict. How do we build teams that are resilient and adaptable enough to craft effective digital products in this often chaotic world?

This is much more than a leadership challenge; product teams are only at their best when everyone feels informed and empowered, equipped with the right tools, aligned around the right goals, and committed to collaboration.

What is Modern Product Engineering?

In the second of our Product Fundamentals series brought to you by Code Computerlove, Technical Director Dave Heath will give an introduction to Modern Product Engineering, explaining in simple terms how your approach to technology & software development can hinder or support effective digital product teams and the products they deliver.

Who's it for?

This session is not for advanced technical do-ers, but is intended for early-stage teams & stakeholders who are exploring what being a 'product team' means and want to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of product and technical concepts.

You’ll get the most out of it by involving all team members - shared understanding is key for any high-performing team.

What we'll cover

We’ll cover some common software development problems encountered and create an understanding of how to approach them differently to create adaptable products, all in non-technical, friendly terminology.

  • Traditional Development Practices – Why does ‘Build–Bust-Rebuild’ happen? Why this is not good for product thinking
  • Modern Engineering Practices – Why they are a fundamental part of product thinking
  • Product Technical Health – A way to ensure the sustainability of your product is clear and understood by all
  • Technical Strategy – Ensure your product & technology strategies are aligned and understood at all levels of the business

Meet the speaker

Dave Heath, Technical Director at Code

Dave heads up our technical discipline at Code, leading 30+ specialists across Software Engineering, Front End Engineering, Agile Test & DevOps.

He helps our partners define and execute technical strategies, ensuring modern engineering practices are at the heart of sustainable, adaptable products.

With a passion and history of implementing lean/agile methodology, organisational design and modern engineering practices, along with 20 years of tech, digital & leadership experience spanning numerous business sectors, Dave has positioned himself as a technical leader in the UK.

Future sessions 

  • Design thinking 
  • UX research and design methods
  • Measurement & optimisation 
  • Lean delivery 
  • And more!
17 February 2021 14:00 - 14:45

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