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Secure your software with DevSecOps

This event has now ended.
15 July 2021 17:00 - 18:00
Join Codurance and Snyk to learn how deploying DevSecOps can help ambitious organisations build fast and secure software as they scale.

About this event

When building new innovative software products, businesses’ first priority is often time to production - how quickly can I get this market disrupting idea into the hands of users. Code is often of low quality with little attention paid to best practices and security; the idea being “let's get the thing built and we’ll deal with quality later on when we have the investment / sales / talent”....

However this pressure to build fast can often lead to vulnerabilities in software code that can be exploited by attackers and lead to problems down the line - low quality software and a lack of process drives greater technical debt which can become unmanageable as a company scales ultimately slowing down innovation and competitiveness.

In recent times, organisations are realising that a change in culture is required to build securely and at speed, notably adopting DevSecOps - where security is baked into the rapid-release cycles that are typical of modern application development and deployment.

In this webinar, Tomas Gonzalez, from Cloud Native Application Security vendor, Snyk and Rodrigo Nascimento from software consultancy Codurance will show you how to overcome the challenges of implementing DevSecOps in a growing organisation. They'll be joined by host Amelia Bampton from Codurance who will be on hand to pose attendees' questions to the speakers throughout the session.

Some of the challenges they will address include:

What isn’t working:

- Why the old ways of doing security don’t mesh with the way we build apps today

- The challenges of including security into a devops/agile workflow

Where to get started:

- The dev-first security practices that can cut risk without harming agility

- Secure development during digital transformation

- Integrating security and compliance as part of your modernisation strategy

- Going beyond shift left to drive developer-first security

- Scaling security and compliance while growing


- The new tools and the shift in mindset that these changes demand

- Demo of a state-of-the-art CI/CD Pipeline

By the end of the webinar you’ll gain a deeper understanding on why DevSecOps is an important consideration for any ambitious organisation - from greenfield startup to ambitious scaleup and beyond.


We are joined in this webinar by some of the industry's leading experts including:

Tomas González - Snyk

Tomas González is a Partner Solution Architect focusing on Snyk's Systems Integrator and Developer Tooling partners. Prior to Snyk, he worked similar roles bringing tools into the hands of developers to make them more efficient and their applications more secure. In his spare time, Tomas enjoys discovering pizza and taco spots around Boston and escaping to the mountains to hike, bike, and ski.

Rodrigo Nascimento - Codurance

Rodrigo Nascimento is an experienced consultant with 30+ years of experience in IT. He has been working across different industries from the strategy definition down to the technical implementation, ensuring that deliverables can be traced to the promised business values. The combination of his passion for technology and his strong academic business background have been used in many organisations to optimise the utilisation of IT resources and capabilities to leverage competitive advantage. Outside work, Rodrigo enjoys spending time with his family and has few hobbies, including cycling, tennis, guitar and building gadgets.

Amelia Bampton (Host) - Codurance

Amelia Bampton is Regional Director for Codurance UK North. Working for both in-house technology teams and also various global consultancies, in roles such as Business Analyst, Delivery and Portfolio Manager, Amelia has delivered large scale, customer centric technology solutions for companies in a range of industries, including telecoms, retail, motor, public services and health. She is also a passionate advocate for driving greater inclusion, accessibility and diversity in technology, providing her support through mentoring and thought leadership to break down the barriers of entry into the industry.

About Codurance

Codurance is a global software consulting business, providing industry-leading expertise in modernising and building well-crafted software, advice on aligning technology choices to business goals and creating sustainable teams through training and coaching. We help our clients unlock the power of the Cloud to drive greater business advantage and value. The organisation has offices in London, Manchester and Barcelona serving clients globally. Find out more and see who we are helping in your industry at

About Snyk

Snyk, the cloud native application security leader, today enables 2.2 million developers to build securely, with a vision to empower every modern developer in the world to develop fast and stay secure. Only Snyk provides a platform to secure all of the critical components of today’s cloud native application development including the code, open source libraries, container infrastructure and infrastructure as code.

15 July 2021 17:00 - 18:00

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