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Managing Workplace Stress

This event has now ended.
29 September 2022 10:00 - 12:00

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

―William James

There is no denying that stress is a major problem for individuals and organisations across the UK right now. The long-term impact of the global pandemic, the disruption of hybrid working, rising inflation and increasing cost of living, the threat of a global recession, and political instability – both at home and abroad, are all converging to create a perfect storm of stress and anxiety for today’s workforce. Individuals and teams are all suffering as a result of this spike in stress, and the detrimental impact of this is already starting to take a noticeable toll.

The CIPD’s 2022 Health and wellbeing at work survey report found that stress has increasingly been one of, if not the main, causes of short and long-term absence over the past few years, with nearly four-fifths (79%) of respondents reporting the presence of some stress-related absence in their organisation over the last year. The HSE estimates that more than 800,000 people (around one in 40 workers) were thought to be affected by work-related stress, anxiety, or depression in 2020 to 2021, whilst around 18 million working days were lost due to stress-related issues. That’s over half of all working days lost to ill-health ever year. And this doesn’t begin to touch upon the pervasive and destructive affect that stress and worry has on the quality of our output, the level of our performance, and the relationships we share with others – both in the office and at home.

Clearly, workplace stress is an area of critical importance right now; one that demands immediate attention, the right support, and some simple proven practices and techniques that work to alleviate anxieties and better manage the stressors in our professional lives. With a long history of tackling this very topic, with our Founder literally writing the book on ‘How to stop worrying and start living’ back in 1948, Dale Carnegie’s next online workshop is specifically designed to help you do something about the destructive forces of stress in the workplace.

Facilitated by an experienced Dale Carnegie trainer, in just 2 hours you will master how to assess your current reactions to stress, so that you can stop worrying and start working up to your full potential. By committing to new work habits, you will become more productive and less stressed at work, and will attain a greater sense of achievement as you gain more control over time management, organisational skills, and most importantly, your attitude towards outside influences. Limited to just 20 participants, together you will:

  1. Recognise work habits that add to your stress
  2. Commit to principles for more productive work habits
  3. Identify ways to convert common negative reactions into positive outlooks
  4. Explore proven strategies for handling stress
  5. Plan to change and improve your work routines
  6. Develop strategies for managing stress with peers

Register your place today and see how better management of your workplace stress can change not just your life, but those around you too. 

Kelsey - 07747443020

29 September 2022 10:00 - 12:00

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