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Dale Carnegie North

consultancy Startup Mentorship
Kelsey Greenaway

With over 100 year experience in over 30 countries Dale Carnegie partner with organisations globally and locally to support them on areas such as culture, communication, collaboration, social intelligence, leadership, sales and talent retention. We currently have partnerships with companies such as Indeed, TikTok, Google, Gorilla Glue, Portakabin and Merseryrail.

Who we are as people, our thinking, our mindset and attitudes, drive our behaviours and actions, If there is no change in mindset (who we are) there will be no sustainable change in actions and behaviours (what we do) and ultimately no change in the culture and performance (what we get). 
Many programmes in the marketplace provide knowledge and tools but don't manage to bring a change in the fundamental thinking, perceptions and beliefs of people.  This is why so many people take training then just a few weeks later they revert to type because who they 'are' has not changed and that will always drive the things they do. 

Dale Carnegie programmes are different.  They bring about a fundamental transformation in attitudes and mindsets in individuals, teams and organisations. Once this is changed there is no going back. This is a permanent change in how people think about their role, their colleagues and themselves.  This is the hallmark of Dale Carnegie, this is in our DNA.

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