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10 challenges EVERY startup faces (and how to overcome them)

This event has now ended.

Join us for a free in-person event, where we'll be exploring the 10 challenges every startup business faces, and how to overcome them...

The afternoon will begin with lunch, and time to network from 12:15pm. The event will then formally commence at 1pm with sessions, discussions, and time to ask questions / action plan.

During the sessions, we will explore some of the key challenges small businesses face, including:

  • Creating internal processes (e.g. client contracts, systems, scoping out work)
  • Asking a customer to pay an invoice that is overdue
  • Setting and raising prices
  • How to network, and grow your reach
  • Knowing if your marketing is working, and driving traffic to your website

Whether you're planning on starting your own business, or you've already setup and started trading, this event is for you.

About the organisers

Apple business specialist, Sync, has teamed up with the Small Business Academy (an organisation that is dedicated to providing small and start-up businesses with the tools, knowledge and skills they need to make their new business a success), in order to support and nurture startup and small businesses across the North West area.

11 November 2021
63 Deansgate
M3 2BW

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