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Hack Central

This event has now ended.
25 - 26 January 2020 9:00 - 18:00


Hack Central

Manchester Central (MC) the international convention centre in the heart of the city, is keen to work with innovative individuals and small businesses in the digital space who can take cutting-edge technology and apply it to its business, in a way that doesn’t currently exist within the events industry.

What's the challenge?

Can new technology and innovative ideas help to enhance the customer experience at Manchester Central, drive new revenues and create efficiencies?

The teams should consider the following:

  • ‘Personalisation’ is key; providing flexibility and adaptability for MC’s broad range of audiences, tailoring experiences based on specific needs and wants
  • MC recognises the need to expand the information it collates on its customers, to include buying habits and behaviour, as well as contact data
  • The exploration of artificial intelligence is of interest – how can it be used to enhance customer experiences and interactions with the venue in a meaningful, relevant way?
  • The product should be relevant for the venue to offer the service/activity as opposed to another partner or provider

Why should I attend?

As well as putting digital skills to the test and flexing your knowledge outside of the restraints of client work, you’ll get the opportunity to work with Manchester Central on a collaborative venture, with funding assistance to bring the chosen outputs to life.

Manchester Central are keen to identify as many viable ideas as possible.

The venue is open to working with one or multiple groups so if you have an idea that you think might fit the bill, register your interest below.

How it will work

You can enter as an individual or in teams of up to four. If you register as an individual, we'll group you together to form a team and introduce you (online) before the day. You'll need to bring your own laptop and any other devices that you want to use. Manchester Central have booked us a great space for the hack and you'll have access to wi-fi, whiteboards, post-its and display screens.

Experts from Manchester Central and relevant stakeholders from the city-region attend over the weekend to help you shape your ideas and to offer their knowledge and insights

Everyone with energy and ideas is welcome

This will be an inclusive, open and collaborative event.

Please don't worry if it's your first time at an event like this - everyone is welcome and there will be plenty of help and support on offer.


Welcoming around half a million visitors each year, Manchester Central generates £150 million of economic impact each year for Manchester.

For every £1 spent at the venue, a further £5 goes back into the city as its clients and visitors stay in local hotels, eat and drink in restaurants and bars and spend money in our shops.

More than that, events hosted at Manchester Central connect businesses, people and ideas.

25 - 26 January 2020 9:00 - 18:00
Manchester Central
Windmill Street
M2 3GX

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