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Time to C.A.R.E

This event has now ended.

What morning did we forget to look after ourselves?

When was it when we started to wake up at stupid o clock thinking of all the things we needed to do, all the plates we have to spin, all the lists we had to create. What year was it when we decided running a business was a good idea? And let's not even talk about running a business, a consultancy in 2020.

On Monday, 28th September Mind The Gap is opening the doors to a FREE five day Facebook challenge where the good work starts with you. Targeted at freelancers, consultants and small business owners, the C.A.R.E in Comms challenge will provide five days of habit hacks, top hints and tips to help you thrive by investing in yourself through the C.A.R.E. in Comms framework.

The only commitment you're making is to yourself. The challenge will also give you access to a toolkit you can take with you in day to day life and work. You will be part of a private Facebook challenge group. A community of cheerleaders where we will be sharing best practice and providing well-being habit hacks to help you look after you.

The group will be run by Sarah Knight, owner and founder of Mind The Gap. Sarah has 25 years experience in comms, working in agencies, running her own consultancy, building teams and people and in recent years training and helping people at the heart of organisations thrive.

So what the bejesus is C.A.R.E in Comms. Well it's all about taking care of yourself. Tier one of the framework and what will be covered (at pace) in the challenge group is all about choice, it's about the application of that choice. It's about giving yourself reasons to believe in you and it's about expectation and belief - which all together now stands for .... C.A.R.E.

All delivered with practical hints and tips, no jargon, just real applications of habit hacks that can and will provide a boost, provide a bit of time to realise how important this self-care stuff is and crucially how to do it without constantly chanting Namaste (although that's an option too).

Five days where you set aside a little time for you, to make sure you are fit for purpose. Because the good work has to start with you. 

 Quick sign up here.

 Any questions, email Sarah at

28 September - 2 October 2020
At your computer, in your own time.

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