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New Business for agency owners that love or hate sales

This event has now ended.
The Agency Collective
5 December 2019 18:00 - 22:00


A Lot Of Us Agency Owners Have A Love / Hate Relationship With Sales. We Know How Incredibly Important It Is For The Business, But It Also Does Not Come Natural To All Of Us. When It Does, Motivation Can Be A Real Challenge At Times.

We tend to fall into these categories:
I am not good at selling
I am alright at it, but I really can’t be bothered
I am good at it, how can I get even better at it

This event will be perfect for you, as we will cover all three cases. We also have two new business experts from two of the best new business consultancies in the UK joining us. 

Special guests:

Lucy Mann (Gunpowder Consultancy & Small Spark Theory Podcast)

Lucy spent over 20 years in agency new business and marketing.

As Gunpowder, she helps agencies leverage their existing assets, get clearer visibility of revenue potential and ultimately, take control of the new business process.

She also hosts the hugely successful Small Spark Theory podcast (voted amongst top 10 podcasts agency owners listen to: where she explores the new business topic with a wide range of guests from the agency world.

Dan Sudron (Future Factory)

Dan co-founded The Future Factory, a new business consultancy for agencies. They are one of the leaders in the industry and their team of 40 offer lead generation, new business training and coaching to over 100 agencies per year.
Dan has experience working with both large and small agencies and will share actionable advice to give you greater confidence and control of your agency's growth and new business pipeline.

What you will learn at this event?

  • Best and unusual ways for agencies to get new business?
  • How to market your own work effectively?
  • How to keep leads warm if they are not ready to commit without being annoying?
  • How to close deals?
  • Getting work out of existing clients
  • How to get motivated to start doing sales?
  • Measuring new business activities effectively and realistically
  • How not to be salesy?
  • Best way to get people to meet you?
  • Overcoming rejection and objection handling
  • Why use a new business agency rather than hire an in-house new business person?

Who is this event for?
This event is exclusively for agency owners or principal shareholders of independent agencies. A wide range of agencies (design, social, branding, development, content, marketing, video, consultancies, research, UX/Service Design, etc.) from startup to 150 employees.

We kindly ask you NOT to send your non-shareholding employees to this event. In those cases we will need to cancel the tickets. Our events are a 'safe place' for agency owners to talk about anything that is going on in their agency. Some of the topics we discuss are not suitable for staff members, who will either not understand them or be able to contribute.

5 December 2019 18:00 - 22:00
LEAF on Portland Street
113–115 Portland Street
M1 6DW

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