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ThoughtWorks: Infrastructure WebConf

This event has now ended.
30 September 2020 16:00 - 18:45

Our Infrastructure WebConf allows technologists interested in DevOps to listen and ask questions to our speakers and Infrastructure specialists: Gerald Schmidt, Marina Kjaer, Mónica Calderaro, Tim Fletcher and Pavana Shetty.

ThoughtWorks’ subject matter experts will explore best practices and thought-provoking learnings on the state of Infrastructure, docker container security and Infrastructure as data. 


4.00pm BST  Welcome

4.15pm BST

Exploring docker container security: Risks and good practices

Mónica Calderaro, Software Developer and Marina Kjaer, Software Developer - ThoughtWorks Spain

The continued adoption of containers for deployments has introduced a new path for security issues. In this talk, we will cover the most common areas of vulnerabilities, the challenges in securing your containers, some good practices to help overcome these issues and how to run container security scanning as part of your deployment pipeline.


Building trust in networking

Tim Fletcher, Infrastructure Consultant and Pavana Shetty, Infrastructure Consultant - ThoughtWorks Germany

To successfully build a platform in public cloud and enable teams to move to hybrid connectivity between cloud and on-premise systems, it is of utmost importance for all engineers involved in the migration to trust each other. Equally it is important to understand the current design, and respect the history and processes in place. Large organisations often have decades or more of experience and that should be respected, change can happen without throwing away those years of experience.

5.30pm BST

Infrastructure as data - why should you care?

Gerald Schmidt, Infrastructure Consultant - ThoughtWorks UK

Defining cloud infrastructure as code has gone from best practice to how we all work in the space of a few years. For developers, this means increased portability and fewer moving parts. For Amazon's rivals, the barrier to entry is no longer 150 individual service offerings, but a robust managed Kubernetes service.

We cannot afford to ignore this trend. For our clients, the choices are more nuanced. We need to help them weigh the benefits of infrastructure as data against the risk of committing too soon, before the approach is ready in terms of ease of use, availability and durability.

6.45pm BST 

Q&A about infrastructure, ThoughtWorks and things you always wanted to know from passionate technologists.

Please note, if there is anything else you require to be able to attend and fully participate in this online event, such as subtitles or anything else relating to accessibility, please do let us know and we will do our best to accommodate: Laura:

30 September 2020 16:00 - 18:45

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