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How to find your formula for successful transformation

This event has now ended.
14 October 2020 11:00 - 11:45

2020 has seen global disruption which has not left any business or industry untouched and the impact has not been equal – some have seen unprecedented levels of growth, others stayed still unable to move or pivot (a ticking time bomb no doubt) and many have declined so quickly that they have already been forgotten.


Business transformation has never been more important – how do businesses ensure they are resilient for today at the same time as being fit for the future. However transformation is not an easy task, and for many CEOs it will represent a higher risk than doing nothing at all. Afterall 60-80% of Digital and Data Transformation programmes fail, and all business leaders will have a horror story or two in their past of money invested and outcomes not delivered.


But something terrible happens to companies who don’t transform. Nothing.


So, what can brands do to supercharge outcomes and stay ahead in an ever-changing world? How can business transform with agility and face the future straight on? The answer is in 3 steps:


  • Move away from Transformation as a programme and begin to make it a mindset
  • Set off from the right foundations, and be honest about where you really are today
  • Get your formula for transformation right – don’t imitate competitors but exploit your advantage


In this talk, Emma will explore the elements for successful transformation including technology, brand, organisation, culture, data, strategy and customer.

14 October 2020 11:00 - 11:45

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