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Listen without prejudice: why employees hold the key to successful transformation

This event has now ended.

Returning to the office is top of the agenda for most organisations, but how do you put your employees at the heart of your return-to-work strategy and still meet all your other obligations as an organisation?

How do you have a genuine discussion with an entire company when you have a dispersed, remote workforce? And what does remote/hybrid working really look like when offices are fully open again?

New working practices will touch all areas of the business, requiring transformational thinking, and successful transformations always put their employees at the heart of their new vision.

However, we’ve all seen the news of employees signing petitions and refusing to return to the workplace; any organisation that chooses to ignore these views will face challenges later on. So how can you harness the thoughts, opinions and ideas of your employees in the most effective way?

We have the answers to all these questions and the tools and expertise to make sure your plans for change meet your objectives.

Our business insights and strategy experts at ENGINE Transformation will share how their online immersion tool, HIVES, helped one of our financial services clients to listen to the needs of employees across the UK, using a single platform to capture feedback and shape their new ways of working strategy.

15 July 2021 10:00

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