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Tech for purpose - Rightsizing technology and IT for best business outcomes and social impact

This event has now ended.

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Are you a technology enthusiast, decision maker, doer, leader or tech analyst ? Hang out with like-minded professionals and learn:

- How companies can do more with tech and IT spend, while maximizing social value and business impact;

- How right-sizing technology can help reduce carbon footprint;

- How you can shake up already existing projects and transformation initiatives with new ideas and future tech.

The event will bring together enterprise professionals who can share best practice across their organisations and will be filled with networking, free consultations, motivational talks and a VCG expo to name a few!

Save the date to join us in the heart of Manchester, at Bruntwood SciTech Circle Square.

28 September 2022
No.1 Circle Square, Bruntwood
3 Symphony Park, Manchester
M1 7FS

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