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  • Emotion in UX Design

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  • Start Date:25th January 2017
  • Start Time:18:15 pm
  • End Date:25th January 2017
  • End Time:21:15 pm
  • Location:AutoTrader, First Street, Manchester M15 4FN
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Emotion in UX Design

RealUX birthday meetup

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Customer Journey Mapping for Mobile Apps

This talk will explain the UX process behind WOO, an innovative mobile app aiming to motivate and reward employees for referring people they know for new positions. The main challenge with WOO was to marry text, Whatsapp and social media channels into a simple interface and visualise the data in an easy-to-use format. This talk will demonstrate how this experience was developed and designed using customer journey mapping.

Persuasion Design

This talk will explain the development process of Code Computerlove's own persuasion design model. The purpose of the model is to offer coherency between agency and client, as well as to form a robust process at Code Computerlove. Laurie and Charles will share the successes and and failures of the model and would like to take the opportunity to open a discussion as well, as its something that they have been working on internally for a number of years, in order to continually improve this model (by talking about it, a lot!).

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