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  • Workshop - Bring Your Digital Marketing into 2019, and Beyond

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  • Start Date:18th July 2019
  • Start Time:10:30 am
  • End Date:22nd August 2019
  • End Time:12:30 pm
  • Location:Kosmonaut @ Manchester Technology Centre
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Workshop - Bring Your Digital Marketing into 2019, and Beyond

The world of digital marketing is a big one. With new channels and platforms becoming apparently almost daily, it can feel like you’re on a constant search for the one that will finally provide the golden bullet for search rankings and online traffic.

The challenge most marketers face is that there is, unfortunately, no golden bullet. True success in digital marketing will be achieved not by finding that one technique or by creating that one ‘viral campaign’. Savvy marketers recognise that excellence across channels is what’s needed to excel.

Join us in this workshop series to find out all you need to know about how to create digital marketing excellence in 2019 and beyond.

You can join as many sessions as you like, from one, to all of them. They are completely free – and breakfast will be provided! There will be time at the beginning and at the end for networking.

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