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ARMSA Academy

big data consultancy digital transformation
Rakesh Maharaj
Clippers House
Clippers Quay
M50 3XP

Where are we going?

We believe in an injury-free world of work. One where businesses deliver sustained benefits for their shareholders, employees, supply chains and society.   

We help grow economies which recognise that safety, like profitability, is an outcome of what organisations and people do. And not those that treat safety as a cost of doing business.   

We build organisations where competent managers and leaders consider the consequences of their decisions before they act.  

We enable decision-makers access sector-specific knowledge and content at a touch of a button, on demand.   

Where have we been?

A global award winner, at ARMSA we specialise in effecting transformational change within high-consequence businesses, typically within the infrastructure, energy and power sector. We enable organisations to realise empowered business decision-making, enhanced core competence, resource optimisation and improved supply chain performance which ultimately delivers consistently safer outcomes and opportunities for revenue protection and growth.

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