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Daisy Kent

At hackajob, we believe in maximising people's potential. It's why we've made it our mission to make the hiring process fairer, faster and based on skills rather than backgrounds, so that people can get the job they deserve and earn what they're worth. We're a private tech job marketplace and use AI to look at a candidates previous projects, as well as how they perform in our custom-built tech challenges, so we can understand their overall competency. From there, we match companies with candidates based on their skillset and nothing more. The average time to hire using hackajob is just 17 days, meaning you can get either the career or the candidate of your dreams in no time. Our pricing model is transparent with no hidden surprises. We work with 1,500+ companies including Sainsbury's, Vodafone and Dunnhumby, helping them to reduce their time to hire, engage with candidates and hire unbiasedly. 

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