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Peter Dickinson
0333 050 9053
2nd Floor, Albion Wharf
19 Albion Street
M1 5LN

KUB is Hybrid Digital Marketing Agency and Business & Marketing Strategy Consulting Business to help you grow your business.

So what is a hybrid digital marketing agency? Most agencies want to do the work for you. We are different. We love to do the work for you but we recognise that some companies want to or need to do it for themselves. So we can coach, train, manage or do it for you or any combination.

Digital Marketing Agency

So we offer the following so that we can help you grow your business in the way that suits you:

  • Social Media Management Services. We will drive your social media for you.
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation. We will build up your following on LinkedIn and generate new business for you.
  • Content Creation and Management. We will create regular content for and help build your presence.
  • Digital Marketing Management. We will manage your digital marketing for you.
  • Digital Marketing Coaching. We will help you manage your digital marketing so that you can develop your internal expertise within the business.
  • Business & Marketing Strategy Consulting. We will help you grow your business and help you grow your expertise in managing a growing business.

We have developed our services over the years following feedback from our customers so that wherever you are on your growth journey we can help you make growth faster and more efficient so that you can achieve your dreams faster.

Marketing Support & Development

We recognise that not everyone needs an agency but they may need marketing support. As we are delivery marketing services, we know what works and what doesn't. We also need to train both our staff and sometimes our clients and what is effective.

So we created a free online marketing community hub with free online courses, free workshops and resources and the ability to ask marketing related support questions in the forums.

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