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Merry Christmas from Manchester Digital

Our MD Katie Gallagher rounds up the year with her thoughts from the past year and looking forward to 2018. 

Merry Christmas from Manchester Digital


Thank you to all our members and sponsors who have supported our work for another year. Whilst it is important that being a member of Manchester Digital benefits your business, your subscription actually means that we can deliver projects and initiatives that benefit the industry as a whole.


After another year of growth, we have been able to grow the team and knowing that talent and skills is the number one problem for our members we have invested in a dedicated team to work on developing the talent pipeline for your businesses. 2018 will see us develop projects such as enhancing a computing BTEC with industry modules, industry sourced careers advice and bringing back peer club to help entry level staff progress onto the next stage of their careers.


We also revisited our governance structure and will begin 2018 with a new, extended board with a range of expertise and specialisms that will help us to deliver even more benefit to our members. One of the main benefits of restructuring the organisation is that it will enable us to work more closely with far more of our membership. We will be holding more Member Meetings and setting up ‘constituencies’ which will enable smaller groups of members to work together on specific topics or issues. One of the first groups we will set up will be focussed on policy to ensure that we are getting a wide spectrum of views when we set Manchester Digital policy and when we lobby regional and national government about issues affecting our industry. 


We have also hired a membership manager who will be looking at new membership benefits and is also on hand to advise how to make the most out of your membership.


We look forward to working with you in 2018. 


P.S don’t forget it is the sixth annual digital skills festival from February 13 - 16]