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GFT AI.DA Marketplace: the faster way to utilise AI

GFT already generated 30 percent growth with artificial intelligence (AI) in 2022. Now the digital transformation group is sharpening its focus on this technology of the future

GFT has implemented over 200 AI projects for its clients in recent years. In 2022 alone, revenue of €50 million was generated with AI and data platforms. In order to best serve the rapid growth in client demand for predictive and generative AI technology, the company is now launching GFT AI.DA Marketplace – whereby AI.DA stands for Artificial Intelligence & Data. With its comprehensive use case library, methodologies, reference architectures and preconfigured solutions, GFT AI.DA Marketplace accelerates the design and implementation of AI-based applications. At the same time, GFT is continuing to expand its expertise in this area: with a broad-based internal “AI first” programme, all GFT talents are being trained in the use of AI. This is expected to enhance productivity in all areas of the company.

 “Over the past few years, our clients have invested heavily in the modernisation of their platforms. With intelligent AI solutions, they can now leverage their benefits exponentially,” says Marika Lulay, CEO of GFT. “With GFT AI.DA Marketplace, we help clients with the fundamental challenge of choosing the right combination of AI solutions. We integrate the use of data platforms to raise productivity, but also to improve the end-user experience.”

Intelligent agent 

One example of the potential of the new AI solutions offered by GFT AI.DA Marketplace is the GFT Banking Agent. This virtual assistant enables bank customers to conduct almost all banking transactions using colloquial language, thus saving considerable time. In turn, banks can use it to significantly improve their customer service while at the same time raising efficiency. According to GFT, the solution can be implemented within three months. Further highlights of the GFT AI.DA Marketplace modular system:

  • GFT Visual Inspection makes quality control fast, easy and effective.
  • GFT Fraud Detection tracks down and prevents unauthorised payments.
  • GFT AI Impact Beta simplifies and accelerates software production. 

 When clients adopt these solutions, they benefit from GFT’s deep technological expertise and many years of experience with AI projects. GFT also cooperates with renowned partners such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. This ensures maximum efficiency and security when integrating AI solutions into IT infrastructures.


Cloud, data and AI are key drivers of digital transformation 

Companies need AI technology to get the most out of the vast and valuable amounts of data they manage. And feeding the AI algorithms with data requires a modern cloud infrastructure. Cloud, data and AI are thus the key growth drivers for digital business transformation.1 With its wide-ranging expertise in cloud, data and AI, GFT covers all key technologies. 

“The scalable compute power of the cloud combined with the emerging AI models offer more opportunities than ever before. Having a well established and secure data strategy, supported by a modern data platform means regulated firms will be able to fully embrace the benefits of AI.” says David Tuppen, Head of Data, Analytics and AI at GFT.

Huge market potential for AI

A recent forecast from the International Data Corporation (IDC) shows that global company spending on AI – including software, hardware and services for AI-centric systems – will reach about $154 billion in 2023. This represents an increase of almost 27 percent over the amount spent in 2022. The ongoing incorporation of AI into a wide range of products will result in a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27 percent over the forecast period 2022-2026. Market volume is expected to pass the $300 billion mark in 2026.2

Agile growth strategy goes beyond AI

GFT anticipates future trends at an early stage. To exploit market potential, the company develops ideas and solutions before technologies are widely applied. This means that its clients are among the first to be able to use new trends productively. In addition to AI, GFT is currently focusing on solutions for the financial sector based on distributed ledger technology (DLT), for example.

“For our clients, as well as ourselves, AI enables a quantum leap towards even greater productivity and competitiveness,” concludes Marika Lulay. “GFT AI.DA Marketplace makes it even easier to use exactly the right technology – be it predictive or now increasingly generative – in everyday business.”

Learn more about GFT AI.DA Marketplace.


1 Gartner, Prognosen ‘Worldwide Public Cloud End-User Spending’, April 2023

2  International Data Corporation Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Spending Guide, March 2023

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