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HERVoice - Zoriana Dykunska, GlobalLogic

Zoriana Dykunsa- Quality Assurance Engineer at Global Logic

Digital Her was set up to address the gender imbalance in the digital and tech industry in Greater Manchester. Our programmes aim to inspire the next generation of women to join the industry, and support the current generation working in the industry.

This month we caught up with Zoriana Dykunska, who works as a Quality Assurance Engineer at GlobalLogic. We asked Zoriana about her journey into digital and tech, the challenges within the industry and how we can all help create change. 

Tell me about your journey into working in the digital and tech industry?

At the end of my master’s study in Electronic Multimedia Editions, I completed GlobalLogic Manual Basecamp in Ukraine. I successfully passed the final test and interviews for the Manual QA position for the media project and 10 months later I passed an interview for GlobalLogic in the UK & I region. Now I am planning to explore the Automation part of testing to take up a position on existing and upcoming GL projects.

What are the biggest barriers for young women entering the industry?

As the IT market grows annually, the number of specialists also increases, as does the demand for vacancies. You should have a lot of patience and perseverance to keep trying to reach your goal no matter how many rejections you get before. It's all your experience.

Did you have a mentor, and if so, how did they help & encourage you?

I had a mentor at GL Basecamp and for 3 months when I started working as a trainee QA engineer. They helped me to understand all requirements that I will work on. But before that, I didn't have a mentor. I prepared myself through online courses, YouTube, and local courses. The most productive studies were courses, IT companies provide. The information was taught by current employees of the company who shared their own experience. Before the courses, you had to pass tests on logic, test bases, and the English language level. 

What is your favourite thing about being part of the industry?

I am happy to work on a project that involves technical and testing skills, and interacting with people, colleagues in the team, and the customer. This work helps to develop creativity in the approach to tasks and good time management skills. I am happy to get to know like-minded people and learn more and more about our sphere.

What could the industry do better to encourage and support women to join the sector and stay within the sector?

I wish the industry could inspire and support the aspirations of those who want to build a career in technology. Among the many activities and programs are regular conferences, informal meetings, networking, and experience-sharing events, career development training, mentoring, and many others. This makes it easier to enter the IT field and further develop.

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