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How fast-growth firms entice, not drag, people into the office

Discover the workspace features that are winning on the ground right now from leading businesses in the city of Manchester.

In today’s hybrid working world, employees want a good reason to come into the office. And many leaders understand why. But your workspace is where the magic happens. It’s where you can collaborate, problem-solve and create new ideas. Where you build momentum, forge your culture - and can even learn from the start-ups and scale-ups around you.

It’s a difficult balancing act. So how do you entice - not drag - people into the office in a way that fosters collaboration and connection?

Our eBook shows you how leading start-ups and scale-ups are creating workspaces that do just that.


  1. The one thing employees and executives agree on with hybrid working - and where they differ
  2. What leading fast-growth firms do first before searching for new office space (see page 9)
  3. Why a “test and see” approach to different office models is becoming popular
  4. The five workspace criteria that are critical for start-ups to stay competitive (including the underlooked landlord - see page 14)
  5. Lessons from Lunio: designing a highly productive and collaborative workspace people genuinely enjoy coming to!

Read the ebook here.

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