Employers' Forum - a round up


The Employers’ Forum normally invites HR professionals from the larger tech companies within Greater Manchester’s membership to discuss ways they can work together to tackle the digital skills shortage.

If you’re interested in helping to grow the region’s talent pipeline, please take a few mins to take part in the Digital Skills Audit before the deadline shuts, or book your place at the Digital Skills Festival Talent Day, taking place in February 2020.

The latest Employers’ Forum took a slightly different approach.

As we had two insightful talks that we felt would be of interest to a wide range of employers in the region, regardless of size, we opened up the forum for any companies within our membership.

The talks included:

Motivating Millennials and Gen Z - Jackie Garisdale, Youth Marketing Strategist, SMRS

Session description

This faced-paced session looked at the past, present and future of Youth Marketing. Focussing in on generational change and was packed with insights and tangible take-aways, in regards to attracting future talent. 

Micro inequities in the workplace - Gillian Arnold, Managing Director, Tectre

Session Description 

We all know that ‘happy teams are productive teams’ - but do you know some of the key causes of caustic work cultures?  This talk outlined the concept of ‘Micro Inequities’ and the impact that they can have on the bottom line.  Thankfully, Gillian also talked about what organisations can do to combat micro inequities in the office. 

What else was discussed at the Employers’ Forum?

Attendees were encouraged to take part in the Skills Audit, and to book stands at Talent Day at the Digital Skills Festival, the largest careers fair in the North.

An invitation to be involved in 2020's Pay and Employer Benefits Benchmarking Survey. If you would like to be involved, please contact emma@manchesterdigital.com to receive a free copy of the report in return for providing anonymised data.

For an example of last year's report, see here.

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