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How to claim three month's free Manchester Digital membership

Due to the far-reaching impact of Coronavirus on businesses across the region, Manchester Digital is offering three-month's free membership to organisations in the tech and digital sector not already in membership.

This will enable businesses not currently in membership to take advantage of the support and guidance we are currently offering to our members. Depending on the economic outlook, we will keep this offer under review and it may be extended.


To access your three-month’s free membership you will need to follow these simple steps:


  • Go to our join page and sign up to the membership tier that corresponds to your business size or category. 

  • Due to our payment system, to receive free membership you will need to enter your card details in order to start your free three-month membership. Invoices can also be sought on request.


This free membership will initially last for ninety days, hopefully by then things will be back to normal, if they are not, we may decide to extend the free membership period past ninety days.


Either way, before your free membership is due to end, you will be notified to see if you'd like to remain in membership. Whilst we would love it if you are able to support us in the future, no money will be taken without your say so. 


If you still wish to support us as a not-for-profit organisation and you wish to pay for your membership immediately, please email who can gratefully arrange this.


Otherwise, we look forward to having you in the Manchester Digital community, follow this link to join.


If you have any questions please contact the team at


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