Why we're very excited about #NationalCodingWeek

At Manchester Digital, we’re very excited about #NationalCodingWeek.

Anything that encourages people, especially young people, to consider a career in coding is a great thing in our opinion.

That’s why throughout #NationalCodingWeek we’ll be putting on workshops that will generate excitement and awareness about coding and the amazing, high-in-demand career opportunities available to young people.

We’ll be reporting on the workshops on our Twitter so make sure you’re following us.

Also, bear in mind, these events that couldn’t happen without the generous support of our forward-thinking and progressive members Farm Digital, Code, Sainsbury's, Auto Trader, and digital entrepreneur Simon Cobb – all of whom are volunteering time and resources to inspiring the next generation of coders.

Our task this week is to show that working in coding isn’t an unobtainable goal, it’s a distinctly possible career option – one that is exciting and fun, too.

To kick start the week, we thought we’d ask some of our supporting members a thing or two about #NationalCodingWeek and why they want to be involved.

Why do you think National Coding Week is important?

Chris Grice Sainsburys Developer, Sainsbury's

I think coding, and digital skills in general, have been put up on a pedestal and can be seen as quite intimidating skills to pick up. National Coding Week is a great chance to show how accessible and powerful these skills can be, both for young people looking at their futures, and people trying to re-skill for a new career.


We have a growing need for creative and brilliant talent in the tech sector in Manchester. Getting students as young as 11-12 interested in Coding and exposed to what roles are like in the industry can really inspire them to start thinking about a career in tech.

Simon Cobb, former Digital Entrepreneur/business owner and games developer.

National Coding Week is important as gives students an opportunity to think about coding as a career and discover how exciting it can be.

Farm Digital

National Coding Week is an important tool to help address the digital skills gap. The participants in National Coding Week are the future of the UK’s digital economy, and the week’s events are vital to inspire students to engage with STEM careers. It is also an important reminder to businesses that without a pipeline of young talent in key growth areas such as AI, digital marketing and engineering, they risk being left behind.

Why have you chosen to be involved?

Chris Grice Sainsburys Developer, Sainsburys

This sort of workshop is the sort of thing I'd have loved to have attended while growing up – if the opportunity had been there. I think it's important as an industry we keep running this sort of thing to spark new interests and nurture existing ones. Also, it's great fun! I always enjoy speaking to people about why I love coding, and the possibilities it unlocks.

Farm Digital

FARM Digital is a technical agency that specialises in non-profit application design and build; we see first-hand the impact the digital skills shortage can have in industry. We live and breathe code and make it our mission to encourage positive change through digital. With this in mind, National Coding Week not only gives us the opportunity to share our knowledge with students that may not have access to it in school but enables us to encourage best-in-class coding methods and expertise.


This is a great opportunity for us to get involved with local schools and help shape the curriculum for the next generation of talent. It also provides a great learning experience for our current computerlovers to create a programme for budding programmers.

What do you hope events/opportunities like this will achieve?

Chris Grice Sainsburys Developer, Sainsbury's

I'd love it if some of the attendees decide to pick up coding as a regular hobby, possibly joining a code club or attend more events like this. If we can spark an interest, and show just how many opportunities coding can unlock, then the event will have been a success.

Simon Cobb, former Digital Entrepreneur/business owner and games developer.

I would be delighted if this event inspires students to take coding seriously and develop it into a career path.

Farm Digital 

By hosting our ‘Getting to grips with Alexa and AI: The Basics’ workshop, we hope to empower students with both the knowledge and confidence to embark on a digital career. Similarly, by supporting the Manchester community, we hope to continue to foster its reputation for technology innovation and its ever-growing start-up culture.


We hope this event will inspire more kids, especially young girls to get into STEM subjects and be inspired by a career in the tech sector.


Want to know how you can play your part in helping the next generation get into our industry? Sign up to be a part of our Digital Futures campaign, today.

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