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Dave mentioned to Mark that he was planning to launch a content consultancy but he didn't want to jump in without thinking it all through. He wasn't 100% sure what 'it all' was though. Mark mentioned his framework that he works with agencies on, to avoid the herding cats / startled rabbit (startled rabbits?) syndrome. Dave is an experienced podcaster. Mark blagged Dave's time as a podcast co-host / client combo.. and the Agency Thinking podcast was born.

After *some* editing (Mark and Dave talk way too much and both can go off at a (mostly helpful) tangent) the podcast is a pleasingly coherent guide to starting or rebooting an agency or bringing the agency mindset into a client organisation.

It should be helpful for agencies big and small as well as any other commercial creative service provider.

In season 1 we talk through the areas that co-host Dave needs to address, to successfully launch his content consultancy: setting goals, defining target audiences, pricing services, how to focus on new business and more.

Season 2 will widen out to include other contributors.. in what direction , we don't know.. we're design sprinting it now.

Have a listen at At the time of writing the podcast is on Anchor and Spotify, with iTunes coming soon.

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