• Manchester's strong digital ecosystem attracts Argentinian crowdsourcing company

Manchester's strong digital ecosystem attracts Argentinian crowdsourcing company

Increased demand for crowdsourced services for emerging technologies has enabled an Argentinian SME, specializing in automated and functionality testing, to expand into the UK with Manchester as its base.

Crowdar offers a unique combination of crowdsourced ‘best of breed’ professional testers to identify software bugs, together with a powerful behaviour driven development automation testing framework.

With expertise in testing and automation services for desktop, mobile and web applications, Crowdar’s portfolio has crossed over into the banking and payments industry, software houses, FinTech and healthcare. With new strategic partnerships in the security testing area in the UK, the next step will be to provide mobile and web testing services to expand its existing portfolio.

Company founder, Javier Re, said: "Crowdar chose Manchester as its UK location because of the size of the digital ecosystem, the close proximity to London’s FinTech start-up community and major cities in the north of England, plus the great balance between the cost of living and quality of life.

“Since our arrival, we’ve received a warm Manchester welcome and continue to have lots of support from different organisations, including MIDAS, SpacePortX and the Global Entrepreneur Network.

“We signed two strategic partnership agreements to provide security testing as part of our automated testing services.

“Having met like-minded entrepreneurs and potential clients across the region and beyond at numerous networking events, the benefits of doing business in the UK are already clear.”

The Manchester operation is part of Crowdar’s strategic plan to grow its UK presence over the next three years, complementing the Argentinian businesses which saw a 50 per cent revenue growth in 2016-2017. 

“Our customers are in Latin America and the US and by offering alternative solutions to UK software companies, this could be a real opportunity to see our company grow.”

Tim Newns, chief executive officer, MIDAS, Manchester’s inward investment agency, said: “It’s a pleasure to welcome Crowdar to Manchester, and it’s encouraging to hear that they’re already successfully integrating into the city’s thriving network of digital organisations.

“They will no doubt continue to benefit from Greater Manchester’s diverse digital ecosystem with strengths in fintech, healthcare and e-commerce amongst others. This network will enable them to diversify, grow and deliver on their objective of expanding their portfolio.”