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Aims and outcomes

The aim of the course is to equip leaders and managers with the skills and tools and processes to assist in their professional development and lead their teams effectively through the process of digital transformation.

It will also open their eyes to the needs of the business above and beyond their individual job, and how they can play a positive role in achieving the overall business objectives.


  • Understand the skills required of a leader and manager through a time of digital transformation
  • Critique their own leadership and management style
  • Check the levels of Emotional Intelligence in their team and improve ways in which your staff engage with each other
  • Reflect upon the management challenges of remote and hybrid working
  • Prepare themselves for strategic and commercial challenges of senior leadership/management in their organisation

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Workshop Audience

Suitable for:

  • Aspiring Managers
  • Junior Managers
  • Middle Managers

This workshop series is perfect for managers who are leading their teams through a period of change, or where an organisation wants to encourage their teams to look outward at customer needs, rather than inward at their own department.

It would also be a good option for customers who are first-time managers or moving into new roles with greater management scope and responsibilities.


The course consists of four workshops that can be run as either two days face to face or four half-days remotely. The course listing will specify the delivery method.

Attendance at all workshops are required as part of the course. 

  • Workshop 1: Leadership & Management
  • Workshop 2: Emotional Intelligence & Hybrid Management
  • Workshop 3: High Performing Teams
  • Workshop 4: Commercial Awareness and Strategic Competence

Course Mapping

This course has been mapped to the following accredited course in Management and Leadership -  CML Level 4 Diploma.

The Manchester Digital non-accredited short course covers content of 7 of these 12 units. Only 4 units are required to achieve the accredited Diploma equivalent. With our course, you’ll gain a more extensive coverage of learning and knowledge. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand assumptions about human nature and managerial behaviour
  • Understand how management style can influence managerial behaviour
  • Understand the need to apply a range of management styles
  • Understand the concept of culture to an organisation
  • Understand the impact of values that underpin individual and organisational performance
  • Understand the relationship between values and behaviour
  • Understand the differences between groups and teams
  • Understand the concept of formal and informal group norms
  • Understand group development and maturity
  • Understand management of remote, displaced or virtual teams
  • Understand the sources of authority and leadership influence
  • Understand management and leadership influencing skills
  • Understand the application of delegation and empowerment
  • Be able to assess and plan for personal professional development

  • Be able to plan the resources required for personal professional development
  • Be able to implement and evaluate the personal development plan
  • Be able to support and promote staff welfare
  • Understand the role of a leader and how it differs from being a manager
  • Be able to recognise the qualities of a good leader
  • Understand the concept of situational leadership and how to flex your individual leadership style
  • Understand the concept and purpose of management coaching and mentoring
  • Be able to determine the use of management coaching as a tool in human resources development
  • Understand the relationship between coaching and mentoring and organisational objectives

Next Steps

The details of our next course are as follows:

  • 2-day course - 17th & 18th October 2023.
  • In-person - Oxford Road, Manchester
  • £300 + VAT

If you would like to attend this course, secure your place via the link below.

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