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Professional Development Days: Democratising Data – How We Built A Self-Serve Data Platform

This event has now ended.
12 February 2021 12:50 - 13:30

Auto Trader is the UK’s leading digital automotive marketplace, receiving millions of cross-platform visits each month. Interpreting the vast quantity of data we collect is essential for our and our customers success.

The Data Engineering squad at Auto Trader have been working to build a cloud-based data platform. Our mission was to empower us and our customers to make informed data-driven decisions, by democratising access to data and promoting a self-serve platform.

We wanted to increase our capability for complex analyses and data-science-led data products, while making it easier than ever before for new users to access the data they need.

We’ll walk you through the architecture of our data platform, and the various tools we’re using to fulfil this mission, including Apache Spark, Databricks, Google BigQuery and Looker.

12 February 2021 12:50 - 13:30

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