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How is Manchester Digital funded?

We are an independent organisation and our sole purpose is to improve the industry for the benefit of our members and the wider community. Our revenue comes from 3 streams: membership, events and our apprenticeship programme.

It says you are not for profit, so what happens if you make any profit?

Any profit is reinvested into projects or initiatives that support the industry, such as Digital Her and to develop delivery capacity within Manchester Digital.

Will you sponsor my event?

We don't generate enough revenue to sponsor other events and initiatives with cash. However, we will use our network and contacts to support and promote community events where there is a fit with our purpose and ethos.

Who owns Manchester Digital?

The members own Manchester Digital and they have elected a Board to govern the organisation and ensure that it stays true to its purpose. You can find out more about who sits on the Board here.

How do I make the most out of my membership?

Great question, why not ask one of the team directly by booking an appointment at one of our Member Drop-In Surgeries.

I'm a training provider, why can't I join?

Whilst we welcome and recognise the important part that service providers play in making up our eco-system we ensure that numbers of them joining Manchester Digital are managed. This is based on the feedback we have received from members and a decision taken by the Manchester Digital elected council in 2016.

Which areas do we cover?

We cover the whole of Greater Manchester but we will accept membership applications from across the North West. As long as you are a digital business who is keen to support our work and can also benefit from the services we offer then you are welcome to join. Please contact us on 0161 238 8642 if you wish to discuss further.

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