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AND Digital Podcast

Exciting news! AND Digital has just released a brand new podcast for all tech enthusiasts.

Listen to the first episode of AND’s brand new podcast now.

We’re excited to say that our first ever podcast is now live. In each episode of Being A Digital Leader: The Good, Bad and Ugly of Digital Transformation, we take a deep dive into digital transformation from the perspective of the people who are leading it in their organisations.

In Ep 1, Liam Dyson, Digital Product & Design Director at Asda talks about his journey to becoming a digital leader, and tells us about his remarkable moments, biggest challenges, and the secret to empowering a team to deliver more than they thought possible.

Listen now on your favourite podcast platform. Find out more here

And if you’d like to find out what’s coming up and be among the first to listen as each new episode drops, please register/subscribe.

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