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An Academy for aspiring Power Platform specialists

Manchester Digital spoke with Bespoke to better understand their academy that trains people up on the Power Platform.

What inspired Bespoke to start this academy focused on getting more people into tech careers?

We're solving a couple of challenges, firstly from a Bespoke perspective, it's opening up a wider talent pool for us, as we can recruit people with the soft skills and then teach the technology. Maybe more importantly, it's also giving an opportunity for people wanting to shift careers or get started on a career to get into the tech sector, even if they haven't had those opportunities in the past.

Walk me through the typical student's journey and experience in the academy. What can they expect?

The students are taken through a series of learning materials aimed towards passing their Certifications and training them as Power Platform developers. They are expected to pass 3 certifications in the first phase, one per month with time allocated for revision.  Every day we review and discuss the materials on the daily stand-up and end-of-day meetings with support being provided. During the second phase, the students will be assigned mentors to support them in a more technical and hands-on approach. Nearing the end of their academy journey, the students will get more hands-on experience with real-world examples preparing them for working in the wider team and within an agile environment.

How do you make the program accessible and approachable for people from diverse backgrounds looking to switch careers?

The academy is aimed at people with very little technical experience, as the fundamentals are taught from the ground up with support on hand to aid in their learning. We ensure our job specifications are written to be as inclusive as possible and have strong relationships with recruitment and learning institutes to achieve a diverse set of candidates in the recruitment funnel. 

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