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New Cyber Security Webinars with the Cyber Resilience Centre Announced for Spring 2021

The Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester (CRCGM) has announced four new additions to its webinar calendar for 2021. The spring webinar series features a collaboration with their trusted partner CYFOR to help protect SMEs in Greater Manchester against cybercrime.

These monthly webinars will focus on how businesses can stay secure and put the right security measures in place and prevent cyber attacks.

  • Don’t be a fool with your Cyber Security - Monday 1st April.

  • How to Implement Strong Cyber Security Foundations for your Business - Wednesday 21st April.

  • Securing your Business: Going back to the Office - Monday 10th May.

  • Do you understand your Digital Footprint? - Monday 7th June.

The CRCGM has been established to support continuous improvement within cyber resilience across all sectors within Greater Manchester and the North West region. 

On Monday, 1st April, the CRCGM webinar ‘Don’t be a fool with your Cyber Security’ will discuss phishing, the importance of cybersecurity staff training, how a small business should deal with phishing scams and the ongoing threat of ransomware.

Alongside the ongoing calendar of monthly webinars, CYFOR is teaming up with CRCGM for the webinar ‘How to Implement Strong Cyber Security Foundations for your Business’. Taking place on Wednesday, 21st April this webinar will explore how you can remove the noise, and produce a jargon-free roadmap for your business to become cyber resilient. 

Lead by Rajeev Kundalia, Cyber Security Consultant at our Trusted Partner CYFOR. Raj will explain the simple measures you and your business can take to ensure you are protected against the most common threats and prepare your business if you’re considering the Cyber Essentials certification. 

On Monday, 10th May, the CRCGM webinar ‘Securing your Business: Going back to the Office’ will discuss the actions your business should consider before welcoming back your staff to the office. After such a prolonged period of lockdown and working from home, it’s important that your network and your devices are all secure.

On Monday, 7th June, the CRCGM webinar ‘Do you understand your Digital Footprint?’ explores business security in the cloud. If your organization has migrated your business-critical operations to the cloud, your digital footprint has exploded exponentially. But is it secure?

These monthly webinars are available to everyone. The webinars are free of charge and take place at the beginning of each month.

With the CRCGM there are a wide range of membership levels available, both free core membership and paid membership opportunities, enabling businesses to benefit from their unique level of guidance and expertise. 

Click here to view the full CRCGM events calendar.

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