4 Powerful Elements Driving Transformation Programmes

4 transformational elements

Transformation programmes are inevitably complex.

The interdependencies between people, process, data, and technology require planning and control. Therefore, it helps if you understand what is driving your programme.

Simultaneously, all programmes are unique because of the characteristics of the organisation. And, at Golden Marzipan, we have observed four familiar approaches driven by customers, users, infrastructure, and data.

Every well-planned transformation programme incorporates these 4 major elements.

Customer Journey and Experience

New tenant satisfaction measures for housing associations, ALMOs, and local authorities are on their way.

Many of you are leading the way in reviewing how to engage and transact with your customers. For us, projects that drive change should include:

· Self-service apps and websites using artificial intelligence

· Contact centres using omnichannel methods of inbound and outbound contact

· Integrating contractor systems to ensure seamless responsive repairs service

· Different ways of collecting and measuring satisfaction of tenants

User Experience

Agile, mobile, and home working have accelerated since the COVID-19 crisis.

Housing associations were quickly able to move new ways of working and this has uncovered the next set of requirements for frictionless working:

· Document management systems that make forms, letters, and signatures defunct

· Rapid process change to simplify existing ways of working and hand-offs between siloed departments

· Review of HR policies on flexible working to empower staff

· Upskilling of staff on digital operations and use of equipment and software functionality

Data Analytics

Information and insights are critical for your governance and decision making.

Whether it’s value for money, compliance or tenant satisfaction, the regulator is becoming more interested in your data.

So, how can you become a data-driven organisation? We believe in the benefits of implementing:

· Business intelligence tools such as PowerBI, Qlik and Tableau which sit above all your core systems to provide enterprise data visualisation

· Improved asset management processes and data to ensure resident and property safety

· Financial and value for money analysis to leverage procurement, investment, and treasury decisions

· Different ways of collecting and measuring staff engagement and tenant satisfaction


Your ICT strategy is as important as your financial plan.

It’s not easy to change tactical approaches and get a return on equipment investment. Housing management systems have not kept pace with technological investments. Your strategy should enable:

· Leveraging the benefits of your Microsoft licensing with MS365, document management, and collaboration tools

· On-premise or cloud-controlled move towards cloud technologies whilst managing cybersecurity risks

· Wraparound software for specific tasks and processes which utilise and enhance your housing management systems and data

· Maintain business continuity and resilience — you cannot provide services without reliable technology

As you have confirmed, many factors are contributing to your organisation’s transformation programmes. The Golden Marzipan has just mentioned some of the most relevant in the current panorama.

If you are interested to discuss any ideas from this article, please, contact Steve Dungworth at steve@goldenmarzipan.co.uk or call 03332 107531.

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