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KAO Data Submits Planning Application For Cutting-edge Sustainable Data Centre In Stockport

Kao Data, the specialist developer and operator of data centres engineered for AI and advanced computing, has reached a significant milestone in its mission to advance technology infrastructure in the North of England. The company proudly announces the submission of its planning application for a ground-breaking, £350 million, 40MW data centre project in Stockport, Greater Manchester, representing a key step forward in the deployment of local and national digital infrastructure.

Since the acquisition of the Kenwood Road site in May 2023, Kao Data has diligently developed comprehensive plans for this former industrial site. Seeking to engage the local community, Kao Data conducted a public consultation from October 9th to October 23rd, with the majority of respondents expressing an appreciation for the sustainability and energy efficiency illustrated in the proposed plans.

The proposed data centre, situated on the site of a former 1970s industrial warehouse, stands as a testament to its strategic location due to its robust infrastructure support, access to renewable energy, and its potential to serve as a central digital hub for businesses. If approved, this cutting-edge facility will not only bolster local economic growth but also play a pivotal role in advancing scientific research and technological aspirations in Stockport and Greater Manchester, while supporting government ambitions for the UK to become a world-leader in tech.

Committed to environmental stewardship, Kao Data's facility will utilise 100% certified renewable energy and employ sustainable Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) fuel for backup generators, significantly reducing net CO2 emissions by 90%, and the data centre’s environmental impact. Additionally, the proposed implementation of an advanced cooling system will further enhance energy efficiency, aligning with the company's dedication to sustainability.

Spencer Lamb, Chief Commercial Officer at Kao Data, said:

"Our new data centre signifies a substantial investment in Stockport and Greater Manchester’s future digital infrastructure. This state-of-the-art facility will cater for the region’s evolving digital needs, supporting technological research, demands for AI, and economic growth."

To ensure community involvement, Kao Data conducted a virtual consultation to gather feedback, acknowledging the invaluable contributions from local residents in shaping this project's development.

For further information please visit or contact the project team at or on the freephone information line at 0800 298 7040.

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