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Ecommerce Businesses to Watch: Innovative Products, Marketing Strategies and Customer Experiences

In recent years, ecommerce has become an increasingly popular way for consumers to shop for products and services. With the rise of online marketplaces and the growing availability of technology, more and more businesses in Manchester are turning to ecommerce as a way to reach customers around the world. As a result, the city's retail tech industry has seen phenomenal growth in the number of online retailers establishing offices in the city, making it the greatest concentration of ecommerce start-ups in the UK. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the ecommerce brands in Manchester that are making waves in the industry and are poised to become the next big thing. From established players to up-and-coming startups, we'll showcase Greater Manchester's thriving ecommerce sector.


Founded in 2011, Depop has become a leading force in reselling and sustainable ecommerce. From vintage fashion to secondhand designer pieces, Depop is a platform where users can buy and sell from their wardrobes and see what friends or fashion inspirations are liking, selling and buying. The company is home to over 30 million users around the world and has over 400 employees across London, Manchester, Los Angeles, New York City and Sydney. 

Native Youth

Native Youth is a sustainable fashion brand based in Manchester, UK, that was established in 2012. The brand's ethos is to create contemporary, sustainable clothing with a focus on quality and design. Native Youth's clothing collections are influenced by global streetwear trends, offering a unique and modern perspective on classic designs.

In addition to offering sustainable and high-quality fashion, Native Youth is also committed to ethical production practices. They work closely with their suppliers to ensure fair wages and safe working conditions, as well as minimizing the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes

The brand's sustainability statement further highlights their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint, minimizing waste, and increasing their use of renewable energy. Native Youth also encourages customers to take part in their recycling program, which allows customers to send back their old clothing for reuse or recycling.

Overall, Native Youth is a fashion brand to watch in the ecommerce space due to its commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and high-quality design. With a focus on timeless and contemporary pieces, Native Youth offers an attractive and sustainable option for customers looking for fashion that aligns with their values.

Little Greene Paint & Paper

The independent British paint manufacturer, Little Greene Paint & Paper, produce environmentally and socially responsible paints and wallpapers with a commitment to quality. They have worked in collaboration with interior design experts Pooky Lighting and charity partners such as Breast Cancer Haven and international museums and galleries, including The Whitworth Art Gallery and Imperial War Museum North. 

The Modern Milkman

The Modern Milkman is an ecommerce brand that is transforming the way people shop for groceries. Their mission is to provide a sustainable and convenient alternative to traditional supermarkets, with a focus on reducing waste and supporting local producers.

The Modern Milkman offers a wide range of products, from fresh produce and household essentials to eco-friendly personal care items. Customers can order online and receive their items in reusable, returnable containers that are collected and refilled on their next delivery.

What sets The Modern Milkman apart is their commitment to sustainability and their impact on local communities. They prioritize working with local producers, reducing food miles and supporting the local economy. The brand also has a zero-waste policy and uses electric vehicles for their deliveries, further reducing their carbon footprint.

Overall, The Modern Milkman is an ecommerce brand to watch due to their commitment to sustainability, local communities, and convenience. With their unique approach to grocery shopping, they are making it easier for customers to make conscious choices and reduce their impact on the environment.


With over 4 million visitors a month and 73,000 event organisers across 41,000 venues, it’s hard to deny Skiddle’s success. Established in 2001 by live music fans Ben Sebborn and Richard Dyer, the company is committed to making ticketing better. They aim to offer customers a fair deal by giving customers a 72 cooling off period to return tickets, refunds for cancelled events and the option to resell tickets on the app. Loyal customers can even gain access to fee-free tickets. Since starting their charity checkout scheme, they’ve also managed to raise over £200,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support (a charity close to our hearts), the Disasters Emergency Committee, CALM and many more.

Beauty Bay

What began as a fragrance retailer, Beauty Bay now sells 10,000 plus products from across the beauty, skincare and cosmetics industry on their website. The company aims to provide hard-to-find products and introduces sought after products to the U.K. In 2018, they launched their own brand which prioritises quality, affordability and being cruelty-free. Beauty Bay’s own products are now the top-selling on their site and have seen enormous success. Considering global ecommerce of beauty products is set to grow to $450,000 by 2027 (Statistica), we’d say Beauty Bay are always one to watch!


Grüum is an ecommerce brand that was founded by four friends from Manchester who identified the complexities and limitations in the women's and men's skincare markets. The brand has gained popularity by offering skincare products with a real purpose, using quality ingredients and making them affordable for their customers.

What sets Grüum apart from other skincare brands is their strong commitment to sustainability. All of their products are manufactured in the UK, reducing their carbon footprint and supporting the local economy. Grüum also has a unique recycling program for their razor cartridges, making them the first and only company in the country to do so.

With a focus on purposeful skincare and a commitment to sustainability, Grüum is an ecommerce brand to watch. Their dedication to quality and affordability, as well as their innovative recycling program, makes them an attractive option for customers looking for conscious skincare options.


Koi Footwear is an ecommerce footwear brand that offers affordable and fashionable shoes for the younger generation. Their extensive range includes boots, sandals, trainers, and heels, all designed with the latest trends in mind.

The brand's mission is to empower young people to express themselves through their choice of footwear, while prioritizing inclusivity and sustainability. Koi Footwear offers a wide range of sizes, including a plus-size collection that goes up to UK 13.

Koi Footwear also takes a strong stance on sustainable and ethical practices. The brand uses vegan materials to reduce their impact on the environment and strives to reduce their carbon footprint in their production process. Additionally, they have a recycling program that encourages customers to recycle their old shoes and offers incentives for doing so.

Overall, Koi Footwear is a fashionable and affordable ecommerce brand that values inclusivity and sustainability. With a focus on trendy designs and ethical practices, they cater to a younger demographic looking for stylish and conscious footwear options.

Mnt Cndition

Mnt Cndition is an ecommerce brand that is focused on sustainability and ethical practices. The company places a high priority on minimizing its impact on the environment by using 100% certified organic materials and avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. They also use compostable garment bags to reduce waste. Mnt Cndition has a recycling program that offers trade-in discounts to encourage customers to recycle their old clothing.

Beyond their commitment to sustainability, Mnt Cndition has a strong and dedicated following due to their unique non-commercial, conceptual vision. The brand's lifestyle and diversity-centered approach has garnered a cult-like following, making them an ecommerce brand to watch.

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