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Get 'no-deal' Brexit ready

On 2nd October, we'll be hosting our event, Brexit 'no deal' guidance

In preparation for that, we thought we'd share the work The Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec) have done some in putting together a list of the 10 topics you need to consider when getting your business ready for a potential no-deal Brexit.

The topics covered in chapters of the guidance include:

  1. Data protection and data flows
  2. Employment, immigration and visas
  3. Taxation and VAT
  4. The e-Commerce Directive
  5. The Digital Single Market Framework
  6. EU Legislation in Limbo
  7. Domain names
  8. Harmful, illegal, and terrorist content
  9. Geoblocking and cross-border content
  10. Horizon 2020 and R&D funding

View the full report, here.

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