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Onepoint's presence in Pune, opening new office

All smiles as the team gathers in the new Pune office for opening celebrations

All smiles as the team gathers in the new Pune office for opening celebrations

New Onepoint Office in Pune

Onepoint, a boutique technology consultancy, has reached a significant milestone in its growth journey with the inauguration of a new office in Pune, India. 

This expansion comes as part of Onepoint's efforts to strengthen its global footprint to better serve its clients. With a diverse global team of 60+, a strong foundation in London and a regional branch in Manchester, the company's presence in India has steadily grown since 2008, reflecting its commitment to harnessing local data and technology expertise.

Advantage Pune: a strategic choice

The new Onepoint office is strategically located in Amar Business Zone, Baner, Pune, taking advantage of the city's proximity to major IT hubs, seamless transportation connectivity, and a thriving business environment. Pune, often referred to as the "Oxford of the East," offers access to a wealth of talent from prestigious educational institutions, further enhancing Onepoint's commitment to high-quality talent and client satisfaction.

Building a productive and collaborative workspace

Onepoint’s new office in Pune not only embodies growth and progress but also reflects the company's commitment to its team's wellbeing and development. 

The positive energy radiating from the new office is evident in the enthusiasm and satisfaction expressed by Onepoint employees. Ismail, a member of the Software and Data Engineering team, appreciates the “strong bonds and amazing working environment” the new space promotes. Jay, who recently joined the Project Management team, notes that the office amenities, like the meditation room and social areas, help to enhance employee wellbeing. Navneet, a long-standing member of the Data Engineering & Analytics team, expresses his delight with the upgraded office and the memorable opening ceremony.

Onepoint is conscious of the importance of the human side of the business in achieving success and is committed to providing comfortable working conditions, ample spaces for meetings, socialising, and even meditation. This holistic approach contributes to a vibrant work environment that encourages creativity, collaboration, and wellbeing. The celebration of the new space, complete with photoshoot and filming sessions, games, and delicious food, was made even more special with the presence of Founder and CEO Shashin Shah.

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Onepoint's expanded office in Pune marks an important step in the company's global growth strategy. Amar Business Zone in Baner provides Onepoint with the ideal location to tap into Pune's thriving IT industry, prestigious educational institutions, and talented workforce. With a team dedicated to excellence, a clear vision, and a commitment to client satisfaction, Onepoint is well-positioned to help shape the digital futures of its clients.

Join us in shaping the future

As Onepoint continues to deliver superior digital strategies and solutions to its clients, it invites you to learn more about its journey and services. Visit Onepoint's website at to discover how the company can help with your digital strategy. Feel free to reach out to Onepoint at to arrange a free consultation.

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