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Introducing Fast Track Digital Marketing Training

This course is a mix of academic understanding with proven practical skills designed to suit marketing professionals. It aims to equip digital marketers with an understanding of how digital marketing plan can help you grow online business in an increasingly multi-channel environment with structured digital activities. 

We will use real life case studies based in the UK from which you can draw proven techniques for your business. The course brings all aspects of digital marketing together to maximise the effectiveness of all digital activities and you will go away with a some part of your digital marketing plan.

Here are few of many things that covered during this session: 

  • Marketing concepts and application

  • Identify successful business models

  • Identify factors affecting your digital activity and plan

  • Creating the digital marketing mix that works

  • The importance of digital campaign tools, planning, implementing and monitoring digital marketing

  • The essential elements of digital campaigns and create a integrated strategy

  • Audit your current digital marketing strategy

  • Importance of digital communications mix in creating digital strategy

  • Developing a Digital marketing plan

We have been delivering this training for year and we have had global brand, local business to digital agency attended this training. So, this will do good to any business.

** Our next trainign day is on 6th of July and you can register here >>

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