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Manchester Agency Hosts E-commerce Event In New York As U.S. Client Base Grows

Rebecca Worsley, Founder and MD of  Rainy City Agency, based in Manchester, has hosted an e-commerce ‘event’ in New York this week in a bid to add more US clients to a portfolio now representing almost 80% of its current client base.

Partnering with world-leading e-commerce platform Shopify Rebecca met with existing and prospective customers to share how scale ups by the agency using Shopify are resulting in improved customer experience and significant sales uplifts.

US projects include Utah-based children’s clothing brand  Sparkle in Pink, Oregon-based crafting kit and workshop company  Klum House, and family-owned online jewellery business Ben Garelick from Buffalo.

The US market continues to provide a rich seam of opportunity for the agency, reflecting the market’s buoyancy and growth trajectory.

According to the 2022 Digital Market Outlook, revenue from retail e-commerce in the United States was estimated at roughly $768 billion in 2021. It forecasts that by 2025, online shopping revenue in the U.S. will exceed $1.3 trillion. 

Rebecca Worsley has been delighted with progress to date stateside. She commented: “Our New York event was an intimate, invite-only affair for current US clients and those who want to know more. It went really well. We’re at an exciting stage of the agency’s journey, and our global ambitions are stronger than ever.  

“The US market has a great understanding of the Shopify platform - it can literally transform online fortunes with its scope and functionality.”


Braden Larsen, CMO of Sparkle in Pink said working with Rainy City had been amazing. He said:  “We have finally found a dev team we can rely on, and it has been a game changer for our company! 10/10. I would recommend this team to anyone with Shopify theme development needs.”

Ellie Lum, CEO of Klum House added: “We've had such a wonderful experience working with Rebecca and team on our transition to a new Shopify website. They worked hand in hand with us to solve tricky design problems and turn our vision into a reality.” 

Peter Manka Jr, Owner of Ben Garelick, agreed. He said:  “Rainy City took our digital presence to the next level and created a clean, crisp, robust, modern, and fast website, despite the thousands of products we have in our collection. 

“They took the time to listen and understand our needs and give us proper guidance on how best to implement them. In our first month after launch our sales have increased significantly. Plus, we worked with them 100% remotely, being in the US!”

The agency is planning to grow its US presence through more events, meetups and in time potentially opening up an office space.

Beyond the US the agency has also been working for West Africa shea butter producer Baraka Shea Butter.  Interventions have resulted in revenue increases of 96% for the shea butter producer, which has not only driven trade for the brand, but has also offered vital financial support for the community around it.

This increasingly globalised outlook comes as the agency recently announced its first £1m turnover projection, as well as the expansion of its team with a newly appointed Operations Director, John Paul Atley.

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