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Championing Community Excellence

The technology community thrives on collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and passion for new technology. At its core these professionals are individuals who exemplify dedication and enthusiasm in their contributions.

Established in 2007, the award program recognises and honours the most active members of the community. Over the past 16 years, this program has evolved, yet its essence remains the same—to celebrate those who continuously inspire, educate, and innovate within the ecosystem.

A professional with this award is more than just a title; it's a badge of honour earned through a genuine commitment to uplifting others. These ambassadors are not only passionate about the platform but also dedicated to sharing their insights and experiences to empower fellow community members.

As the community continues to evolve, the invaluable contributions of Optimizely MVPs ensure its vitality and growth, making it a dynamic space for learning, collaboration, and innovation.

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