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Front End Developer - Mid Level

Cabinet Office Government Digital Service -

Full-time (Permanent)
Salary: £49700 to £64500 depending on capability and location in the UK
Published on
22 October 2021
30 November 2021

The Role:

As a Frontend Developer for GDS you will help build interfaces that are clear, usable, efficient, and performant, both for public and for government use.

We're looking for frontend developers of all experiences and backgrounds to work across a range of services on GOV.UK, Digital Identity and Government as a Platform (GaaP):

During the application process, we will take your skills and any preference on board and aim to match you to an appropriate service and team.

As a frontend developer at GDS you’ll:

  • work as part of a multi-disciplinary agile team, getting involved with every part of the lifecycle of a service, from user research to deploying code to production
  • build accessible, robust and performant user interfaces, taking responsibility for the quality of the code you produce
  • use and contribute to the GOV.UK Design System
  • write automated tests, and carry out cross-browser/device and accessibility testing
  • share your knowledge and experience with your team and with the wider frontend and technology communities
  • share your work and the things you’ve learned through blog posts and show and tells, with the option of presenting at conferences and meetups
  • support the live operation of the services we run, and participate in out-of-hours support rotas where necessary – you'll be paid an allowance, and a further hourly payment, for any duties you perform when on call
  • help recruit other developers and, where appropriate, getting involved with sifting and interviewing

Skills and expertise:

It’s essential that you have:

  • Experience in frontend development, with detailed knowledge of HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript
  • Understanding of software design principles, including progressive enhancement
  • Can turn agreed designs into robust and accessible user interfaces using plain HTML,CSS, and JavaScript, and without relying on abstractions(e.g JavaScript Frameworks) 
  • Experience in building robust and accessible interfaces that work for as many users as possible, regardless of their needs
  • Be able to write clean, accessible code following a progressive enhancement approach
  • Be able to identify and resolve web performance and security issues 
  • Skilled and expertise using the command line to perform basic tasks and using version control to manage source code 
  • The ability to quickly research and learn new programming tools and techniques
  • Have expertise working in a collaborative environment, ideally as part of a multidisciplinary agile team 
  • Expertise in how to make complex and technical information and language simple and accessible for non -technical audiences
  • Keen to use their skills and expertise to make a genuine difference, and are excited about working on important services used by millions of people

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