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Cognitous Ltd

Cognitous employ industry-leading cyber security specialists to help businesses protect themselves and their customers against cyber threats. Our services include tailored security advice and support; security awareness training; penetration testing (cyber attack simulation); secure development training; and staff augmentation.

Whether you're a sole trader running a business from a laptop or you have a complex network with multiple servers and systems to support your business, we offer free consultations to help you identify the risks facing your business.

Do you build websites, apps, or other software? Cognitous provide the UK’s only truly developer-focused cyber security training courses to support your team in building software that is secure from the ground-up. Combining theory and practical exercises we take your team on a journey into the mind of a hacker to help them understand cyber attacks and how to defend against them.

Cognitous was founded by Nicky Bloor who has been publicly credited for his work by companies such as Adobe and Oracle. Nicky has presented his research alongside worldwide industry leaders at multiple conferences including 44CON.

Cyber crime and fraud became the most common forms of crime in 2016. Don’t wait until you become a victim to do something about it, get in touch today for a free no obligation consultation.

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