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Emma-Louise Fusari
0161 510 0999
20 Crossley Rd
Heaton Chapel

MEET Emma-Louise 

I’m a Workplace Health and Wellbeing Consultant with a Difference.

If you want to improve your agency’s efficiency, then you’re in the right place, as I’m not your average Workplace Health Consultant and here’s why.

I specialise in helping digital, creative, and integrated marketing agencies improve their team performance and retain their best talent. In fact, I’m the only person in the UK that specialises in this area.

A nurse for 18 years, I work with you to assess and understand your employees’ health data to drive employee engagement and reduce stress, which in turn increases their productivity, creativity, and ultimately your bottom-line profit.


Your teams are working hard but are failing to deliver projects on time?

You think you’ve found some top talent and then they leave you to work at a competitor?

You’re having to juggle and reschedule work due to employee absence or presenteeism (when they're ‘in’ work but not achieving any output)?

You know your agency is capable of so much more, but everyone appears stressed and unable to perform at their best?

Or possibly you're stressed and at risk of burn out and are unable to motivate and lead your teams?


I understand why those challenges happen and how to fix them. I promise there’s a way to turn your agency into one which allows you to have an efficient and productive team and to keep hold of them.

When I work with a client, I focus on the 5 elements of health data:

      Engagement      |      Metrics      |      Strategy      |      Initiatives      |      Prevention

Here are some of the results my clients achieve:

✅ Reduced absenteeism and overall improvement in staff performance with significant impact on profit levels

✅ Improved staff recruitment and retention rates which means you spend less time and money hiring time and time again

✅ Increased client satisfaction, as projects are delivered on time

✅ Increased margins and profitable growth

✅ Improved strategic planning


Do you want to significantly improve your agency’s efficiency and timely delivery of projects for your clients?

Are you ready to take proactive action to do it?

Do you want the support of someone who specialises in improving employee engagement and performance, whilst improving your teams' health and wellbeing?



Send me a message, email me at or schedule a call here.

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