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In-House Health Limited

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Emma-Louise Fusari
0161 510 0999
Blue MediaCityUK
M50 2ST

I specialise in working with ambitious digital tech organisations using a data-first approach to establish and eliminate the root cause of health and wellbeing issues so that they can improve team performance and retain and attract the best talent. 

A nurse for 20 years (ouch that hurts to type), I work with you to assess and understand your employees’ health data to drive engagement, to reduce stress and the risk of burnout, which in turn increases productivity, creativity, and ultimately your bottom-line profits.


  • Your teams are working hard but are failing to deliver projects on time?
  • You think you’ve found some top talent and then they leave for a competitor?
  • You’re having to juggle and reschedule work due to employee issues?
  • You know your organisation is capable of more, but everyone appears stressed and unable to perform at their best, impacting growth?
  • Or possibly you're stressed too and unable to motivate and lead your teams?

WHAT I DO 👩‍⚕️ 

I understand why those challenges happen and how to fix them. I promise there’s a way to turn your organisation into one which allows you to have an efficient and productive team and to keep hold of them.

You can work with me through:

Our business Health and Wellbeing Audit. This is the first step in assessing and benchmarking the quality and effectiveness of Workplace Health Promotion within your organisation.

Our 12-month data-first M.E.T.A Programme. M.E.T.A is an acronym of the 4-step process that enables us to Measure, Evaluate, Transform and Analyse the state of health and wellbeing in your organisation.

Here are some of the results my clients are achieving; 

✅ Identifying current problems to reduce the risk of burnout whilst maintaining a high-performance culture

✅ Creating a positive impact on innovation and growth

✅ Promoting workplace culture change and employee wellbeing for increased profitability

✅ Improved strategic planning


Do you want to significantly improve your organisation’s efficiency and timely delivery of projects for your clients?

Are you ready to take proactive action to do it?

Do you want the support of someone who specialises in working with digital tech organisations in improving employee engagement and performance, whilst improving your teams' health and wellbeing?


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Our clients work in...

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