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We're offering Manchester Digital members 20% off of our Business Health and Wellbeing Audit!

This Business Health and Wellbeing Audit is for you if you want to:

  • Identify current problems and prevent future risks to reduce the risk of burnout so that your organisation can maintain a high-performance culture
  • Retain and attract world-class talent so that you can create a positive impact on innovation and growth
  • Understand areas of organisational effectiveness and areas that need improving for future strategic planning so that you can improve employee wellbeing for increased profitability

The Business Health and Wellbeing Audit is the first step in assessing and benchmarking the quality and effectiveness of Workplace Health Promotion within your organisation so that you: 

  • Become an employer of choice, attracting and retaining the best and most talented employees who will drive the business forward
  • Have demonstrable evidence that the initiatives you implement show tangible improvements in organisational outcomes, growth and increased bottom-line profits
  • Develop the capabilities to ensure organisational values and social responsibilities are among your most important features and are experienced daily, to build a more unified, trusting way of working

There are five core strengths in becoming an organisation that successfully promotes and achieves workplace health promotion: Policy, Culture, Planning, Implementation, and Results.

Included in the Business Health and Wellbeing Audit is:


In this 30 min call, we’ll have a high-level conversation about your organisation and the current challenges around wellbeing and its impact on productivity. We'll set you up with all the necessary information in order to complete your audit effectively.

The Audit  

You’ll be given online access to our secure In-House Health Platform and you’ll be guided through the process of answering questions related to current operational health and wellbeing structures and the specific challenges within your organisation. This will provide the In-House Health team with a unique and detailed insight into your organisation and the effectiveness of the current policies and initiatives in place.

Results, Recommendations & Action Plan

In the last phase of the Business Health and Wellbeing Audit, you’ll be presented with the results in a simple and easy-to-understand report.  In this 90 – minute session one of our In-House Health experts will present the findings and advise how your organisation has performed overall giving you your personal In-House Health score.

You can discuss any key considerations and the implementation of the recommendations so that you can make focused and impactful changes to your operational frameworks, which will impact your overall business performance.

Your Business Health and Wellbeing Audit results provide a score for each of the five core strengths, as well as an overall In-House Health Score so that you can:

  • Methodically assess your health promotion measures
  • Establish the link between workplace health promotion and other business outcomes based on facts not feelings
  • Establish the level of success your organisation has reached within the five core strengths and overall

Ready to improve your workplace wellbeing?

It is proven that organisations that are successful in Workplace Health Promotion have happier and healthier employees which lead to increased productivity, efficiency and engagement which ultimately improves profit at the bottom line.

The Business Health & Wellbeing Audit is your opportunity to really step things up and ensure that your wellbeing initiatives deliver tangible results.

Are you fed up with investing in wellbeing that doesn’t provide any long-term results? Are you unsure of what areas of your business need to be reviewed to build a framework for improved wellbeing and culture in your teams? 

Is this the time for you to take a strategic approach to employee wellbeing so that you can stop wasting money on initiatives that don't improve outcomes?

Book your suitability call here now and quote MANCHESTER DIGITAL FOR YOUR 20% DISCOUNT!

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