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In The Spotlight - In-House Health

At Manchester Digital we like to interview our members to find out a bit more about what they do and their work in the Greater Manchester digital and technology sphere. This week we're speaking with Emma-Louise Fusari, Founder of In-House Health.

What does your organisation do?

We’re a data-driven workplace wellbeing consultancy. What that means is we help digital tech businesses assess, benchmark and measure the quality and effectiveness of Workplace Health Promotion within their organisation so that they have demonstrable evidence that the wellbeing initiatives they implement show tangible improvements in people and organisational outcomes, growth and increased bottom-line profits.

We support our clients in 3 ways; through delivery of bespoke education and training, our Business Health and Wellbeing Audit and through our 12-month employee wellbeing M.E.T.A Programme®

What do you think is currently the biggest issue facing the digital and tech industry?

For me it’s the skills gap AND the developing risks this has on the sector. The disconnect between the necessary skill sets and existing ones affects regularly affects business areas such as customer satisfaction, cyber security and employee wellbeing and productivity. 

Technology is growing at a rapid rate and keeping up to date with emerging tech can take its toll on the people at the sharp end of innovation. With the inability to fill skilled vacancies comes more stress and burnout on those that are holding it all together. Cracks will start to appear in a thinly stretched workforce, their health and wellbeing will suffer, engagement lessen, and problems arise in businesses damaging their reputation.

What is your organisation’s biggest achievement?

As a non-technical founder, it’s definitely been the creation and build of our web application. It’s been a tough journey, although I’m very happy with where we’re at in terms of our products and gaining proof of concept with our current clients. The app allows us to positively impact health and wellbeing outcomes at the root cause, getting a better result for employees and their organisation. 

What would you consider to be your organisation’s biggest challenge? 

Traditionally workplace wellbeing is based around initiatives like yoga, free fruit and cycle to work schemes. These initiatives are fluffy, unmeasured and not part of a wider strategic approach. Business owners have the right intentions however they become disillusioned (and rightly so) with ‘wellbeing’ because they don’t see any tangible results. Our biggest challenge is convincing business owners that there’s a better, more strategic way to workplace wellbeing that can return huge value on investment. 

What do you think the future looks like for Manchester’s digital and tech sector?

Ah as an adopted Mancunian, I just love this city. Manchester has always been known for its innovation and with larger corporations setting up their HQs here, it bodes well for our future.  

The collaboration with apprenticeship programmes, tech skills initiatives and universities looks like we’ll be able to stem some of the issues around the skills gap mentioned earlier, and help us to keep on growing a vibrant, friendly and supportive community.

Tell us something we might not know about your company?

I’m a nurse by trade and this year is my 20th anniversary. The reason I set up In-House Health was to help organisations and their people get to the root cause of health issues so that they can thrive personally and professionally. Oh and I’ve been shortlisted as a finalist in the She Inspires Awards in the Women in Digital category and just been named as a Top 40 Northern Gamechanger!

Thank you Emma-Louise!

To find out more about In-House Health, click here.

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